Dead Ringer



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Bai Ling as April
Tom Sizemore as Boyd Dennison
Robert Maaser as Fake Policeman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheTopDawg 7 / 10

Not too shabby!

I'm a fan of Tom Sizemore and it was good to see him in this film, albeit a small role, but newcomer Luke White was impressive. The other actors were also decent, although some a little over the top, and the actresses were very easy on the eyes. This is Richard Colton's second film ever directed, and he did a great job with the camera, although he could've directed some of the cast a little better. Not sure who wrote this, it's an excellent story premise, but the screenplay needed some fine tuning with the plot issues, especially towards the end. The pacing was a little slow and the film needed to be trimmed down by about 10-20 mins, but nevertheless it kept my attention. The (boy band) soundtrack was also a little too much in the beginning. Nevertheless an enjoyable B-grade UK action/drama flick. Not worth the 9 and 10/10 previous 4 fake reviews, but worthy of an honest 7/10

Reviewed by googiswank 1 / 10

Total Rubbish

From the UK

This Film is Trash it as bad acting, turned it off after 10 mins.

All the other voters must be cast..

Reviewed by BatmanFunReviews2018 3 / 10


Dead Ringer hardly makes any logical sense to me in my opinion? And despite a few good moments here and there? It's definitely no 6.0 kind of IMDb rating movie no way it's seriously disappointing and of course quite boring as well also of course.

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